Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection Server

Remotely control your PC from a mobile device


  • Allows easy remote access of your PC
  • Allows many different forms of control
  • Easy to setup and use


  • Not all control features work well

Not bad

Shut down your PC remotely and more

Remote Control Collection Server means you can do things such as shut-down your PC remotely, control the media player on your PC remotely or use your mobile device as a remote control for Powerpoint. You can also use it to simply control the mouse, dictate voice commands to your PC and see your PC screen on your mobile device.

Easy to setup the server

Connecting the app to a server is fairly straightforward but you must have your IP address ready. When you open Remote Control Server for the first time, it displays a dialog box containing your IP address. To find your IP address go to the overview tab of Remote Control Server and look for "IP address". Then simply start the app and make sure your devices are connected to the same WiFi network. "Scan" to add a server and that's it, you're connected.

Fun for impressing your friends

Remote Control Collection Server is a simple app which allows you to control your PC remotely using Android and Blackberry devices.

Remote Control Collection is a fun app which allows you to control your PC remotely but the practical use is limited and if you're not on the same WiFi network, you can't use it anyway.

Remote Control Collection


Remote Control Collection Server

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